Security Audit & Advisory

hackedIf you want to have full security, impossible to hack computer or server you should disconnect it from network.

But this doesn’t means that you could not protect your network or servers from being hacked.

A server, a network or a computer could be very easy to hack because of low security passwords, low security credentials or even worst a bad configuration or not updating your software.

It is not only to have hacked your network or system, there also exist the DDoS (Distributed Den attack. With this attack your server or your network will became very fast unavailable.

A particular case it is the WordPress websites. Even it is very facile to work with, if you don’t give the right attention you will have a lot of risks.

We are working very hard and hourly in our data center to keep everything up to date, to improve each time our security. This doesn’t means servers only, but the whole network.

Our services for you include complete White Hat services: we check your website and web applications, the servers or even the network. We try to find any security hole and we exploit it for you. We also check what happens if we start a DDoS attack against your servers and/or network.

The security audit could take from one day to one week or even more, depending on the size of your infrastructure.

At the end you will receive a complete list of your servers/network security problems. You could decide to continue with us or to solve the problem by yourself or using somebody else.

On each audit we make your data will be safe, we do not move anything, we leave only markers to prove that we found the exploit.

The DDoS attacks we make are starting from very small to high, but we stop it on the moment we see that the network/servers are down and announce you immediatly to restart, giving you on the same time the problem we found. We stop any audit until you solve the problem of DDoS exploit.

We could also help you even if your servers are on the middle of an attack. All we need it is to have access to it to stop the attack, find the solution and to implement it.

Your web site it is one of your most precious parts of your company, it is the interface between you and your clients. It should not be down, it should not be hacked.

Same your network and other servers.

For any enquire you could contact us.

Please understand that before we start anything you should prove that you are the owner of the server or network which we have to audit. This it is one if the most important part of the contract.

You cannot use us to find exploits of servers or network which you not owe!