The Servers

To ensure the quality of our services we are using top solutions as you could see below


It is one of the oldest web solutions for hosting pages. It is no more used by Custom Cloud Servers to serve clients pages but we are using it to test different customized solutions.


It is a high scalability for web hosting, serving as web server and web cache server. We offer SSL and SPDY secure web services. When we done the settings for the client web server the certification it is A+ always. We secure the data for client and also for the visitors to ensure that there are no options for hackers to change anything



Today everybody need speed, speed means caching. We are using and developing caching for any data it is possible. When your customer write your web address on his device browser, it  need answer from our servers and the data to be delivered instantly. If it is about images, movies or anything else, the data will just come to device instantly.


Well, when you are looking at a PHP page you take the information from hard disk, database, you are using the servers processors. This means a lot of work for servers. But why to interrogate the servers for each request when the request was already made by somebody else? So we are using a cluster of Memcached servers where all the requests are saved into RAM from the clustered servers. When you make a request, the memcached data will just be served instantly from cluster.

MySQL / Innodb

Data, data, and more data, a huge amount of data it is stored in the database. We are using MySQL for our databases servers, encouraging our clients to use Innodb. When we develop solutions for our customers we are using Innodb because of the speed of the database. We could easier index, so your data will be served more quickly.

PHP 5 / PHP7

Yeap, this it is about the dynamic pages. In our days almost everything it is done in PHP. We are using the latests version because this means two important things for us, for you and for your customers: speed and security.


HipHop Virtual Machine it is preferred by us because we could serve faster PHP pages but also we could work in Hack language developed by Facebook. The servers hosted in our NOC have the possibility to choose between PHP and HHVM, depending on the request of the developed web sites.


Yet another Facebook on our NOC. It is under development strictly for some web solutions hosted in our NOC. Proxygen it is a very powerful web server build in C language. There are  a lot of possibilities available with it.

Percona Server for MySQL

We was developing the idea that we must don’t care if a MySQL server become too busy or is just going off. For you it is very important to have enough power on database to have no connection lost for your clients during Black Friday or other event when a lot of people access your web page at the same time searching in your database.  The solution was to implement the Percona Server for MySQL with Percona ExtraDB Cluster. Using this your database queries will be served by more than a single server. Also your database it is in more than a single location. We implemented the solution starting with the 4th quarter of 2017 quietly moving the big clients database to the new cluster. But more important it is that starting with the 2nd quarter of 2018 our premium clients will be able to choose a new king of database server solution: depending the requests on database you will be able to access the premium multicore servers. So if for a short period of time (for eg the launch of a new product) your queries will be made through the multinodes using more than a standard server core for your queries. This means a fast reponse from server and the satisfaction of your clients.



A new way to serve your clients! Read about the project here